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Google SafeSearch filters out sites that are not appropriate for children (See below).
If you reach a site that should not be seen by children,
please e-mail us promptly at cosmos@kidscosmos.org.


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SafeSearch Filtering

Many Google users prefer not to have adult sites included in their search results. Google's SafeSearch screens for sites that contain this type of information and eliminates them from search results. While no filter is 100% accurate, Google's filter uses advanced proprietary technology that checks keywords and phrases, URLs and Open Directory categories.
When SafeSearch is turned on, sites and web pages containing pornography and explicit sexual content are blocked from search results. Google strives to keep the filtering information as current and comprehensive as possible through continual crawling of the Web and by incorporating updates from user suggestions. If you find sites that contain offensive content in your results, even with SafeSearch activated, please send an email with the site's URL to safesearch@google.com and we will investigate it.

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