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Our Mission is Science Education

Expanding Minds Beyond
the Limits of the Universe

It is the mission of Kid's Cosmos to:

  • Become a resource for educators by making programs available that are designed to further the study and understanding of astronomy and related sciences.

  • Endeavor to make annual presentations to every elementary school in eastern Washington with an emphasis on Title I schools. These hands-on programs will be designed to increase student's abilities in science in addition to providing activities across the curriculum.

  • Progressively expand its programs to the state, regional and national levels as well as into the higher grade levels.

  • Employ students with education majors whenever possible for these outreach presentations to increase these future educator's teaching skills and techniques.

  • Present In-service programs for educators to increase their abilities for teaching astronomy and science in the classroom.

  • Support other science outreach and research organizations.

  • Further the education of the general public about astronomy and related sciences.

  • Engage in other lawful activities that advance education and science.

Kids' Cosmos… Expanding Minds Beyond the Limits of the Universe

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