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Mars Features on Earth


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Kids Tour to Mars

Field Trip to Mars logoField Trip to Mars
is an all day, self-guided excursion to view various sites located on or near the central plateau of Washington that correlate to features found on the Moon and Mars. Of course, the virtual tour will take less time and you may go at your own pace.

The area is known for its giant dry waterfall, flood plains, fields strewn with huge boulders, canyons and other features found on our neighbor planet. Included is a section on volcanoes with a page about Mount St Helens, an active volcano that "blew its top" in 1980. Also included is information on earthquakes, sand dunes, lava flows, dust devils, and geological background material. Whenever it applies, images of Mars are provided for comparison. For topics covered, see the Site Map or the Kids Field Trip to Mars Site Map.


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